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One for the People, One for the Planet

One for the People, One for the Planet

We've been in business for a long time, and one thing that's been true from Day One is our commitment to be more than just a lifestyle brand. We want our brand to have meaning, to do something for the world, and to inspire others to give back. We are passionate about our planet and the people who live on it. Since our inception, we’ve been about the balance, interplay, and symbiotic relationship between people and planet, urban and rural, concrete and native (see what we did there?).

With OftP - OftP, we aim to give back, in a direct way, to organizations committed to making a difference in these areas. Every item purchased from this collection donates $2 to these organizations. $1 to our current People partner and $1 to our Planet partner. Here's some more about the organizations we support.

We are passionate about equality and equitable opportunities for all people. Stoked is an organization that looks to close the opportunity gap for underserved children through board sports and mentorship. Learn more about their work here.

We are also passionate about this planet we call home, which is why our products are organic and/or recycled. It’s the reason we are cautious about our manufacturers and their processes. And it’s why we strive to be more sustainable as a company. One Tree Planted is doing amazing work in the reforestation of the planet, which is key to the continued ability of life to exist on this rock. For every $1 we donate to them, they plant 1 tree. This means each item you buy from the One for the People, One for the Planet collection plants 1 tree! Learn more about their work here.

Any product you see with this logo means that purchasing it will donate $1 to a great cause helping people, and $1 to a great cause helping our planet.

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