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Our Values

Our mission is simple, be the right kind of company. It means being responsible by looking out for the planet and its people. Concrete Native believes that the future of apparel and goods is in responsible manufacturing. We strive to make products that are produced with social responsibility and without damaging our planet.


Sustainable Printing & Fulfillment

It’s a fast fashion world and that comes at a price. Over-production, product waste, massive pollution through shipping and printing, and on and on. Which is why we’ve set up all our orders to be printed on-demand. Your product doesn’t exist until you’ve ordered it, and it’s shipped directly from the printer to cut out as many shipping steps as possible. It also means we don’t have to take up space housing product that may end up going to waste.

Organic Cotton

All of our apparel is made from, at minimum, 100% Organic Cotton. Whenever possible, we also try to incorporate recycled materials and other sustainable fabric options. Supporting organic cotton growers is important as we try to shift the industry in a more sustainable direction.

Worker’s Rights

We make sure that any factory we are doing business with, directly or indirectly, is committed to treating their workers with dignity, respect, and compassion. We work with brands and factories that provide fair wages, prioritize their workers’ health and safety, and allow their workers the right to unionize.

Climate Conscious Factories

We only work with factories and brands who are forward thinking in regards to the environment. Apparel production is one of the worst polluters in the world, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Water recycling, non-toxic chemicals and dyes, carbon offsets, and alternative energy sources are just some of the things we look for in the production of garments we put our name on.


Clean Water

Water pollution is often overlooked in the apparel production process. Cotton is a very thirsty crop, and processing and dying fabric uses a ton of water. In many parts of the world, that polluted water is dumped directly into waterways used by people and animals. We are working with factories that minimize this action by using DTG printing, water-based inks, and water recycling and filtration programs.

Made in the USA

We are big supporters of socially responsible factories that do things the right way, regardless of where they are located—but whenever possible, we opt to work with manufacturers in the U.S. to ensure transparency and reduce shipping costs associated with production.